The tenacious, resilient dandelion

dandelion-1213172I’ve always loved dandelions. Their tenacity in the face of adversity fascinates me. They are beautiful nuisances that just won’t quit. Experts tell us that dandelions are extremely difficult to eradicate. Their extensive root system is difficult to remove. Yet leaving just a small root fragment in the ground can result in dozens of new rosettes the next spring. Additionally, those white balls of fluff are actually seeds that can travel miles on the wind. Obviously, nature wants dandelions to exist in great numbers. Despite the human pursuit of lush green lawns, dandelions persist. The odds are stacked against them. Under constant attack by human and insect alike, they have been forced to develop sophisticated adaptations in order to thrive. Full of natural gifts to guarantee their survival, they are helped along by insects, the wind, and small children everywhere.

Become a dandelion
Whenever I talk about migraine or cluster headache, people inevitably shake their heads in disbelief, uttering these few words in a hushed, reverent tone mixed with shocked sympathy and amazed admiration. Their response nearly always leaves me feeling a little embarrassed, as though they think I’m some kind of heroine with superpowers. My experiences are no different from those of every other person living with migraine, cluster headache, or other headache disorder. The longer I write about migraine and the more patients I meet, the more I discover that it’s not my experiences that set me apart. It’s how I respond to those experiences that’s different.

Dandelions possess twelve traits that contribute, not to just to their survival, but to their ability to thrive in a world full of misunderstanding, animosity, and outright hostility. These twelve traits can be easily translated into behavioral skills that anyone can learn to use.

Migraine + Cluster Complicates Treatment

The biggest challenge has been finding a doctor who understood both #migraine and #clusterheadaches well enough to be an effective treatment partner.

The Art of Headache Management

There’s an art to managing multiple headache disorders. A good attitude is vital. Only when we take charge of our own health can Migraine and Cluster Headache symptoms began to improve.

Expressing Gratitude for Migraine

We all know how hard it it can be to live with migraine. There’s never a shortage of reasons to complain. We can lament our sad state of affairs for days. It’s all too easy to get lost in negativity.

17 Years in Cluster Headache Hell

A lightning strike to my head sent me reeling to my knees. Something exploded inside and set my whole head ablaze with searing flames of agonizing torture. Am I exaggerating? No. Words don’t do it justice.

Complex Migraine Is Not A Diagnosis!

When Denver Broncos coach, Gary Kubiak was hospitalized on Sunday, the doctors who treated him called it “Complex Migraine.” They got it all wrong. “Complex migraine” isn’t a valid diagnosis.

Migraine Product Review: IceKap

Like the other wearable products, Ice Kap is easy to wear hands-free. It;s comfortable to sleep in, although not as stretchy as MigraCap. Long hair can be pulled through an opening in the top, too. Gel packs stay flexible, hot or cold.

Migraine Product Review: Migraine Hat

Migraine Hat is easily worn hands-free. It allows you to pull hair through an opening in the top of the hat, up off the neck and out of the way. If you need long-lasting relief, the 2 extra gel packs give you the option for all day cold. The hat does cover most of the ...

Migraine Product Review: MigraCap

Made of soft, stretchy lycra, MigraCap is comfortable to wear while sleeping. It effectively blocks out light and offers a sensory deprivation experience so helpful when light and sound start to bother me. It’s easily worn during everyday activities.

Searching for the Perfect Ice Pack

If you have Migraine, you know the value of a good ice pack. They are the universal comfort measure for us all. I have spend hundreds of dollars over the years without success. I vowed to end the search by investing in a good quality, wearable ice “hat”.

Reduce Migraine Risk in Hurricane Season

Severe storms like hurricanes are one of the top Migraine triggers. We may feel helpless in the face of such storms, but there are ways to reduce our risk. We just need to take a few precautions.

Run for Migraine Research

I am dedicating my walk to my 2 year old granddaughter who just last week experienced her first confirmed migraine attack. I walk so she will have a cure.

What’s in a Name?

Recently there was a lively discussion in an online support group about the importance of using correct names for various headache disorders. One reader asked, “Does it really matter what the doctor named it?” Absolutely, it matters and here’s why.