Chronic Pain

Normal Life is a Luxury

Many would give anything for just a small taste of normal life. Almost any activity can be a sweet, satisfying luxury when you are denied the privilege.

Product Review – Fay Farm Rejuvenation Lotion

The first thing I noticed was that Rejuvenation Lotion absorbed quickly without leaving behind a sticky or greasy residue.

Inspiration Through Pain

I’d been listening to Pandora for about an hour when a new song started playing. The lyrics intrigued me. That’s when I realized I’d found my inspiration.

Self-care rules the day

It wasn’t writer’s block — ideas were flowing freely. I’d simply lost my motivation. Burnout was creeping in. A self-care break was desperately needed if I were going to write another word before Independence Day.

Ruling comorbidities, side effects, and stigma

So, like so many people living with fibromyalgia, I take my medicine, gain weight, try to exercise, feel more pain, take more medicine…and all I have to show for it is ever-increasing readout on my scale…If I could special-order my next preventive, I would have only one request..

Betrayed by my own body

Four years ago I started experiencing new symptoms that made me feel as if I were twice my age. Every move I made was painful. Resting was even worse. I couldn’t find a single body position or movement that did not trigger pain. I felt as though all my muscles had locked up and migraine ...

Falling off the wagon

Have you ever struggled to stay compliant with an effective treatment? Sometimes side effects can derail even the best of intentions. At other times, the treatment is so effective that we feel so great that we forget to stay consistent. By the time we realize that we’ve gotten off track, we’ve established habits ...

The secret cost of chronic pain

Waking up every morning to see a stranger in the mirror is something I struggle with, too. It is hard to accept that the person I see is really me. I’m taking a chance that I am not the only one with this experience. Some might think that I’ve “let myself go.” That is simply ...

Goal setting for chronic illness

Many people start the new year by reflecting on the past and setting goals for the future. While not a big fan of “resolutions” I do see the value in taking time out to assess progress and fine-tune goals.

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30 things for 2015

Although I have been diagnosed with several invisible illnesses, osteoarthritis has made the biggest impact on my life this year. Stairs are my worst enemy and the pain can limit my mobility to the point that I can barely walk at all. I’m not always symptomatic and sometimes the symptoms are not obvious enough to ...

Life with an invisible illness

Living with an invisible illness can feel like a constant battle. In the beginning, we fight for answers, a diagnosis, and treatment options all in the hopes of getting our life back to normal. We fight to be taken seriously, to be believed. We fight through the unpleasant symptoms and side effects, desperately clinging to ...