Cluster Headache

Migraine + Cluster Complicates Treatment

The biggest challenge has been finding a doctor who understood both #migraine and #clusterheadaches well enough to be an effective treatment partner.

The Art of Headache Management

There’s an art to managing multiple headache disorders. A good attitude is vital. Only when we take charge of our own health can Migraine and Cluster Headache symptoms began to improve.

17 Years in Cluster Headache Hell

A lightning strike to my head sent me reeling to my knees. Something exploded inside and set my whole head ablaze with searing flames of agonizing torture. Am I exaggerating? No. Words don’t do it justice.

Migraine Product Review: IceKap

Like the other wearable products, Ice Kap is easy to wear hands-free. It;s comfortable to sleep in, although not as stretchy as MigraCap. Long hair can be pulled through an opening in the top, too. Gel packs stay flexible, hot or cold.

What’s in a Name?

Recently there was a lively discussion in an online support group about the importance of using correct names for various headache disorders. One reader asked, “Does it really matter what the doctor named it?” Absolutely, it matters and here’s why.

High-Flow Oxygen is Exhausting!

Like many with cluster headaches, I use 100% high-flow oxygen to abort attacks that sneak past the carefully guarded gate of my preventive treatments. The good news is that this strategy works almost every time. The bad news is that doing so is exceedingly exhausting.

Spreading Awareness of Cluster Headache

A few months ago, a handful of dedicated cluster headache patients volunteered to be interviewed about their experiences living with cluster headache. We met in a beautiful, resort-like setting in eastern Pennsylvania to embark on ambitious project — the filming of an awareness video.

New Program for Living with Headache Disorders

Keep watching for more as I develop an exciting new program that will offer real-world solutions for living with painful headache disorders. It won’t be about the medical treatments. There’s plenty of great information about that already. This new program will guide you through the art of thriving regardless of the pain.

Adventures in Philly

If you had a chronic, painful condition that affected your mobility would you ever consider flying solo across country or traveling alone to meet strangers?

Caregivers Pay a Steep Price

Chronic pain caregivers pay a steep price. Loving someone with chronic pain is a difficult, lonely job. Let’s face it, the scales will never be in balance.

Strangers become family

Once in a great while, the stars align, all the lights come on, and words are no longer necessary — strangers become family in moments.

Inspiration Through Pain

I’d been listening to Pandora for about an hour when a new song started playing. The lyrics intrigued me. That’s when I realized I’d found my inspiration.