Botox in pictures

Ever wondered what real Botox injections look like?

Two days ago, Dr. Kazi Syed administered a third round of 31 injections to my face, head, neck, & shoulders.

We are both pleased with my progress. When we first started in December, I was getting 15+ migraine attacks and 12 Р16 cluster headache attacks every month. Thanks to Botox, I have enjoyed a 6 month total remission of cluster headaches. Migraine attacks are down to an average of 3 per month. They also respond better to abortive treatment, usually lasting less than 2 hours.

This is the best headache management I’ve had in 40 years!


Here’s what really happens.

It looks worse than it really was.

When I first saw these photographs, I was surprised by the uncomfortable (sometimes painful) expressions on my face. Sure, it wasn’t the most comfortable thing, but compared to a migraine or cluster headache, it really wasn’t all that bad. Okay, those injections on the left back side of my head did get my attention. Still, I’d much rather do this every three months than spend most of my days in bed.

People often ask me about the cost.

It really does vary, depending on what your insurance will cover. Because I am disabled and receive Social Security Disability benefits, I also qualify for Medicare or a replacement plan. During my initial enrollment period, I took a lot of time searching for just the right plan to meet my healthcare needs.

The initial charges were $3,835. After negotiated discounts and Humana’s payment to my doctor, my balance was $172.98. Because I qualify for Allergan’s Botox Savings Card, I haven’t paid anything out-of-pocket yet. Eventually, I will pay at least $73.00 while the¬†Savings Card helps offset the balance.

I’m happy that Botox has been so affordable. As much as it has helped me gain control over my headache disorders, it’s worth it even if I eventually have to start paying the full out-of-pocket balance. In the meantime, it means the world to me that Allergan is willing to help offset some of that cost.

Think you can’t afford it?

Check out the Chronic Migraine Botox Savings Card program. You might just be surprised how affordable it can be.

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