Spreading Awareness of Cluster Headache

Cluster Headache is a rare and misunderstood headache disorder. Patients face a great deal of stigma and difficult-to-overcome barriers to obtain proper medical treatment. This summer, a handful of dedicated cluster headache patients volunteered to be interviewed about their experiences living with cluster headache. We met in a beautiful, resort-like setting in eastern Pennsylvania to embark on ambitious project — the filming of an awareness video. After countless hours of editing, our new friend, Jeffrey Gould of Action Media Productions has delivered this amazing work of art. He eloquently captured the most essential parts of our message…and our pain.

Now it’s up to us to share this wonderful production with the world. Won’t you help us? At the bottom of this page are social media sharing links. Please use them to help us share our message with the world.

Cluster Headache Awareness Video from Action Media Productions on Vimeo.

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