I don’t need to be fixed

The more successful this blog, the more often I receive offers of help from people who claim they have the answer to solve my health issues. While I am sure that many have good intentions and truly believe they can help, I almost always politely decline. My refusal is sometimes met with accusations that I don’t really want to be healed. I have to question the motives of anyone who will respond by patient-blaming when their offer is refused.

While I used to say that I would “do anything” to get better, I am no longer willing to “do anything”. Sometimes the price is just too great. So now I weigh all the pros and cons, conducting a thorough investigation before I agree to any course of treatment.  I examine the science, pray for wisdom, and trust my gut.

I get a lot of offers to try natural remedies and turn most of them down. I’m not opposed to using complementary medicine, or even abandoning modern medicine altogether. I spent over 10 years trying nearly every natural and holistic treatment I could find. From special diets, supplement regimens, exercise routines, energy medicine, manipulative therapies…you name it, I tried it.  It is presumptuous of anyone to assume that their answer is so unique that I have never heard of it or tried it.

The ones that bother me the most are people who are really trying to sell me something or recruit me to sell something. They disguise their promotion by wrapping it in pseudo-compassion. As a general rule, I do not accept offers from direct sales or network marketing companies. My refusal is based on the premise that such businesses are not compatible with the marketing strategies of Seven Portions. It’s not about the quality of the product or its effectiveness. The offers simply don’t work with our business model.

Those who offer their cures don’t know my medical history. Not once have I been approached by a true headache specialist. None of the offers have ever come from someone who truly understands the science of headache disorders. I might actually take the offer seriously if the individuals weren’t so obviously ill-informed.

If I could be helped by natural methods alone, it would have happened long ago. Unlike many patients, I exhausted all natural options before even considering medical intervention. That delay may have cost me the opportunity for remission. The research proves that early intervention and aggressive use of preventives along with lifestyle changes (trigger avoidance) is the best option for a good outcome.

This blog doesn’t exist as an invitation for people to offer me treatments or cures. Its purpose is to share my experiences, good and bad, so that others will know they are not alone. I have a good team of doctors and healers. I am satisfied with the treatment plan we have created. I don’t need or want unsolicited help. If something is missing from my treatment, I am mature enough and responsible enough to seek it out.

And another thing….

Having three incurable, chronic diseases does not mean that my life is miserable or that I am emotionally unhealthy. The source of my health problems is not unresolved emotional issues or poor lifestyle choices. My life is full and satisfying. My mindset is healthy. I don’t spend my days unhappy or feeling sorry for myself. I wake up most mornings looking forward to the day. I have a very good life with a sense of purpose and supportive loved ones. If anything, having these health experiences has made my life richer and healthier.

I don’t need to be fixed.

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