Father Knows Best

Today’s Prompt: Some understand Migraines, some don’t. Write a letter to your father or the man closest to, and talk about your Migraines.


Some of my earliest memories include days when Mom would tell me that you had a “sick headache”. You would stay in bed all day while Mom brought you medicine, food, and fresh cold cloths for your head. Late in the day or early the next day you would emerge from the bedroom looking haggard and worn out. I worried about you the whole time and was so glad to see you. I could not wrap my head around the idea that you were so ill. It didn’t fit with the Daddy who could lift me high into the air and work circles around other men. In my mind you could do anything…and often did.

When my own migraines appeared it was your presence that could soothe me. I remember that you often held a cool cloth to my forehead until I fell asleep. No one else did that. I know now that you understood my pain more than Mom. It wasn’t that she didn’t care or wasn’t worried. She was certainly very involved in my care. But you knew exactly what I was going through and I could feel that in your presence. Did you struggle with guilt that I had been given the same “curse”? Did you feel helpless? You never spoke of your pain or mine yet you were there so many times to comfort me.

I learned a great deal about “sick headaches” from your mom. She told me that you and many of your siblings also suffered this pain and that she had suffered from them for many years as well. Despite the lack of scientific evidence to prove it, she had discovered that each of you had “triggers” and encouraged me to figure out what mine were. Did she also comfort you as a child? Is that where you learned your compassion?

I give you updates on my condition from time to time. You listen and occasionally express a wish that something more could be done. Mostly you just love me. When we lived close I could call on you to bring me Sprite to ease the nausea or feed the kids. You never acted inconvenienced. You are the one family member who has never asked me that stupid question: “Have they found out what’s causing those yet?” Perhaps it’s because you know it was the randomness of genetic inheritance that caused them. Migraines are my birthright just as they were yours. We did nothing to cause them and can do very little to keep them away.

Thank you for all those nights your strong hand held a cool cloth against my forehead. Thank you for never blaming me for the Migraines. Thank you for all the prayers for healing that I know you must still be praying.


Your “little tyke”

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