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What’s your favorite quote about hope,
and how does it apply to your Headaches or Migraines?

When I think about this quote in terms of migraine and other headache disorders, I remember when I only had a little hope. It was just enough to give me the strength to keep trying, to keep holding on through the next treatment failure.

That’s not bad, just very fragile.

One bad side effect or nasty round of attacks could have destroyed that hope in an instant. I didn’t have enough to sustain me through the failures. I certainly didn’t have enough hope to fight back.

That’s the kind of hope President Snow wanted for Panem. It was just enough to keep people quietly suffering. Yet he controlled them with fear. He was afraid of his citizens, afraid that if they ever experienced real hope, they would destroy him. So he doled out a fragile hope through the Games. To a people starving for hope, they took what they could get.

That wasn’t enough for me.

Over time, I got tired of just hanging on, hoping that the next drug would be my miracle. It just wasn’t enough anymore. I had a gut instinct about what would help me, yet every doctor I spoke with either couldn’t help me or didn’t think this particular treatment would work. Yet I kept asking until finally I found two doctors who were willing to help me give it a try.

I was fortunate that my instincts were right. The treatment worked.  I’d like to think that I had enough hope to keep trying even if the treatment had failed. Yet hope is such a fragile thing, so easy to extinguish.

Hope is like a fire.

At first it can be difficult to start, especially if the weather is wet or the wind is blowing. Those first embers are fragile and must be protected. It needs the perfect balance of fuel, friction, and oxygen. Too much or too little of anything and the fire becomes a memory. Even a small fire needs to be tended in order to keep it going. Logs must be added, too.

Yet that same fire, if left to burn, can set off an inferno that is impossible to extinguish. It will burn for weeks and cover thousands of acres.

I want that kind of hope.

I want it to spread until everyone knows the truth about migraine. I want to have a contagious kind of hope that touches the hearts of every migraineur who crosses my path. I want a hope that spreads like an uncontrolled wildfire, burning out stigma, worthless treatments, and discrimination.

Will you help me start a fire of hope?

The Migraine and Headache Awareness Month Blog Challenge
is organized by the American Headache and Migraine Association.

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