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If you really want to get good results in managing migraine and other headache disorders, you will need to find a real headache specialist. Seeing a neurologist may not be good enough as not all neurologists are headache specialists. Just because a doctor sees a lot of headache patients doesn’t mean he or she really knows how to diagnose and treat complicated headache disorders. It may be that he or she is still practicing based on outdated information.

A true headache specialist is a physician who has undergone specialized post-graduate  training in headache medicine. Be cautious of anyone who tells you they can “cure” your headache or migraine or offers only one treatment type. There is no known cause and certainly no cure for migraine, its various sub-types, cluster headaches, or most other primary headache disorders.

A true headache specialist will use a wide variety of treatments from multiple disciplines, as well as patient education on lifestyle management. He or she will truly be your partner in the journey and not just a source for pills. The right doctor will not give up on you.

Finding a true headache specialist can be challenging. It can make the difference between good headache management or a lifetime of disabling pain. Here are a few directories that will help you with your search.

Find a headache specialist near you

American Migraine Foundation | Find a Doctor
Migraine Research Foundation Directory of Diplomates in Headache Medicine

Migraine Research Foundation Directory of Children’s Headache Doctors
Migraine Research Foundation Directory of Headache Centers
United Council for Neurologic Subspecialties – Diplomates in Headache Medicine

Do you have a great doctor who has helped you manage your headache disorder?

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