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You know what’s really helping me to stay hopeful right now? It’s the realization that in a few short months my home will be an empty nest. One is on the way out at the end of the month. The other won’t be far behind, with grandbaby in tow.

Even better, we’re saving up to buy a new home. Our goals will be reached in just a few months, too. This home purchase is different. We’re buying the house we will retire in. This will be the home for grandkid sleepovers and Christmas parties. It’s still going to be a big house, but for the first time raising children and good school districts are not our concerns.

Another hopeful change is that we will be hiring movers for the first time. All I have to do is pack everything up and leave it in the room where it belongs.  With that I can pace myself and avoid getting triggered. Moving day has been full of stressful triggers. This time I will get to avoid them completely. Plus, we’re planning to move in the fall to avoid the triggering summer heat.

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I dream of tending an herb garden (bring back the mullein!), decorating, and spreading out to enjoy my archiving and genealogy hobbies without the distractions of parenting. The thought that I might be able to do this free of Migraine or Cluster Headache attacks fills me with hope and excitement. In my mind, this new home is a quiet, serene, sacred space full of wholesome goodness and a slower pace. That’s what my sensitive brain has been craving. I need a quiet oasis in which the world runs on my clock. That’s the best way to maintain my progress and keep going for more.

It’s almost that time in my life when it’s socially acceptable to put me first. There will be no more dirty looks or eyes rolling behind my back. It’s midlife so I’m not expected to give one flip what anyone else thinks. My kids are on their own. I have a grandbaby to spoil. I can feel good about being done with some 9-to-5 rat race in a cube. My brain is about to be free.

The Migraine and Headache Awareness Month Blog Challenge
is organized by the American Headache and Migraine Association.

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