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Today’s prompt: What IS Hope?

We left his one for late in the month so everyone would have been thinking about hope. This one may be one of the more challenging prompts, or it may be one of the easiest. Please define hope. Tell us what it is to you, and what it isn’t.

t’s not “positive thinking” either. Positive thinking is a method for improving your mental outlook on life. People with hope may also think positively, but that is not the same thing as hope. Frequently those who ascribe to “positive thinking” end up disappointed because all they do is think positive thoughts without putting in the effort to make their dreams a reality. In contrast, hope spurs us to action. Without hope, we lose the will to take that next step.It’s not spiritual or religious faith, although people with hope may also have faith in God or a “higher power” to bring about the results they hope for. They may pray that the hoped-for outcome occurs and believe that their prayers will be answered. However, one can have hope whether they have faith or not.

And finally, it’s not “wishful thinking.” That’s similar to “positive thinking” in that no effort is necessary to have a wish. It may or may not come true. Few people really expect their wishes to come true. Hope, on the other had, embodies an element of expectation. It is impossible to hope and not anticipate the arrival of what is hoped for.

Hope is the expectation that things will improve, that solutions are available. A person without hope cannot imagine a future that is better than its present state. Even at it’s most fragile, hope believes in possibilities. A tiny spark of hope, when acted on, grows. It’s contagious, too. The fulfillment of one person’s hope increases hope in others who are witness to its arrival.

Hope is fire.

A little is a good thing.

A lot is unstoppable.

Let’s spread hope until stigma can’t extinguish it ever again.


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