Hopefully skeptical about Botox

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My first round of Botox injections was four days ago. I took my friend’s advice and used ice packs to numb my forehead before the procedure. I think it helped as I really didn’t feel any pain. The whole procedure was such a non-event that I didn’t even bother to count the number of injections. The forehead injections were a little uncomfortable (probably because I could see them coming), but I barely felt the rest of the injections on my head, neck, and shoulders. It was over very quickly.

The only notable thing was the excess alcohol that got into my right eye after the third injection. I might not have even been bothered by it except that I woke up early to a cluster attack and my right eye was still sensitive to touch several hours later.

I was prepared for the possibility that all those injections might trigger an attack – which they did not.

Once the process was complete, I was completely unaware than anything had happened at all.  The next day I did develop a migraine which I attributed partly to poor sleep quality due to Baby Girl staying overnight and the anticipation of outpatient surgery the following day. Not being allowed to eat anything for breakfast before the procedure made things worse. Then the surgery was pushed back until almost 3:00 p.m. I did complain to the head surgical nurse that I was left to suffer with an attack using only one small ice pack from the time I arrived at 10:30 a.m. until they finally administered the anesthesia at 2:45 p.m.

I awoke in the recovery room migraine-free and haven’t had a problem since. It has now been four days since the first set of injections. Except for that first migraine on Thursday morning, I’ve had no signs of any migraine or cluster attacks. Maybe my body is too busy dealing with the post-operative soreness and swelling from my elbow surgery to bother with migraine right now.

The true test will come if I can stay free of migraine or cluster attacks through the New Year. If that happens, then we will know that Botox is truly working. At least for now I can say I’ve had no ill effects from the procedure. Typically my body responds to the stress of medical procedures by triggering a migraine. Also, the holidays are infamous for triggering nasty attacks. To have the complete absence of any symptoms is a welcomed change. I am just too cautious to give Botox all the credit just yet. If this continues for the next few weeks, then I will be far more convinced that Botox is responsible.

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