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© Zorandim | Dreamstime.com - Woman Cheering In The Rape Field Photo
© Zorandim | Dreamstime.com – Woman Cheering In The Rape Field Photo

Today’s prompt: Watch Brian McKight’s performance of “Win” and share which of the lyrics you believe.

On my better days, I could sing this song with passion and really sell it, but I would be kidding myself. It’s exactly that sentiment that has gotten me in to so much trouble regarding Migraine. You see, I take it too far. That attitude is exactly what tempts me to ignore my limitations and vulnerabilities. When I think like that, trigger avoidance goes right out the window.

So my song really ought to go more like this…

See I promised myself that I’d never let me down…

Migraine will do that for me. Sometimes I think Migraine happens just to knock me off my high horse. Who am I kidding anyway? I don’t really want to let myself or anyone else down. Sooner or later it happens anyway. The trouble starts when I think I could make that promise in the first place. I’m a fighter. I like to win. Winning at the cost of my health is no longer acceptable.

Never let a ray of doubt slip in...

That’s not doubt, it’s the voice of reason telling me to slow down before it’s too late. There have been too many times that doubt would have been preferable to delusion. It isn’t doubt when you’re in denial.

There’s much too much at stake…

So I tell myself, “Don’t be foolish,” when tempted to push it more than I should. Sometimes putting on the brakes is better than ending up in the ditch. What’s at stake is quality of life. For too many years my dreams were over-sized and unrealistic. It took nearly losing my life to discover what really mattered.  I don’t have to win to get exactly what I need.

My once in a lifetime will be back again…

It comes around more than once, so don’t make it out to be such a big deal. It’s really rare to get only one chance. How many times have I lied to myself, saying I will push my limits, “just this once”? Over and over again I have paid for that excuse in migraine hours. It took me way too long to learn that lesson.

I’m gonna win…

Pushing beyond the limits of my Migraine brain will only end in tragedy even if I do manage to win. But I don’t have to win, place or show. I don’t even have to play the game.

The Migraine and Headache Awareness Month Blog Challenge
is organized by the American Headache and Migraine Association.

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