Not tired, just getting a migraine.


“Premonitory symptoms occur hours to a day or two before a migraine attack (with or without aura). They include various combinations of fatigue, difficulty in concentrating, neck stiffness, sensitivity to light or sound, nausea, blurred vision, yawning and pallor.”    International Headache Society

About once a week I will start yawning uncontrollably. It’s not long after when stiff muscles in my back and neck make their appearance.  Within 24 hours, migraine pain will start.  Unfortunately, I can’t yet take my abortive medication. I must wait until the aura begins for it to be effective.

Long ago my family learned to pay attention to this obvious warning sign. We now know that this is the start of a round of “the stupids” when I will have difficulty expressing myself, finishing a thought, or understanding others. It’s also a sign for everyone to turn down the volume on the TV, radio, and even their own voices. All the lights get turned off, too.

I am so thank...yawn…ful for this early warning sign. It allows me time to mentally shift gears in preparation for a migraine. I slow down and release my expectations. By discovering this warning signal, I am much better prepared to take immediate action to eliminate the suffering that comes from being caught unaware.

What about you? What early warning signs do you get that help you prepare for an attack? Take a look at the resources listed below for ideas then comment below to share your insights.

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