In my head and heart

Today’s Prompt: Talk about who inspires you to keep trying and not give up, despite your Migraines.

This month I have shared stories about almost every family member except one — my husband. I waited to share this story until today because there is no doubt that he has done more to keep me going than anyone else. He saw the depth of my suffering while we were still dating and didn’t shy away. I honestly think he had no idea what he was getting into! Crazy fool, he loved me anyway and actually believed that I could get well.

He was the first person to suggest that I shouldn’t have to live with such pain and he never once even hinted that it might be “all in my head”, that I was “seeking attention”, or somehow brought the suffering on by my own moral or psychological failing. To him it was obvious that no one would make this up.

Over the years he has faced down this beast with me. In my darkest hours it was he who brought me heat wraps, ice packs, 7-Up, and medicine any time day or night. He sacrificed sleep to hold a cloth to my head when I didn’t have the strength to hold it myself, then got up the next morning and worked all day just so we could pay the bills. He’s been by my side for every middle-of-the night trip to the emergency room. He has watched helplessly by my side as the pain took over. He picked up the slack by parenting our children without me when the pain forced me to bed for days.

He has never been shy about telling me the truth and supporting my choices even when he disagrees. He’s never questioned my sincerity when I said it was time to change doctors, change medicine, or seek emergency help. As much as is possible, he goes with me to doctor’s appointments and helps me remember what I want to ask.

I know it kills him watch me in pain. Many times there is nothing he can do except keep the house dark and quiet until the storm passes. His love and belief in me keeps me going. He is my biggest “cheerleader” and my most loyal ally in this fight.

I love you and can’t imagine a better friend.

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