The Journey

Headache disorders advocate, blogger, and mental health therapist, Tammy’s journey began in 2007 while preparing to change careers. She knew that graduate school wold be challenging and that frequent migraine attacks could derail her dreams. Determined to finally get both migraine and cluster headache attacks under control, she went online in search of answers. That’s where she met Teri Robert and started down the path of better symptom management. Despite living with migraine since 1975 and cluster headache since 1999, she still had a lot to learn. It took another 7 years before she finally found the right combination of life-changing treatments. No longer a victim of circumstance, she now takes an active role in the management of multiple health conditions.

Tammy shares her experience in learning to manage migraine:

“A few years ago, migraine was running things and I was ready to give up. Then somewhere deep inside, I discovered a tiny spark of light. I was determined to find better treatments to control migraine. I would have gone to every doctor in town and traveled halfway around the world if that’s what it took to see improvement. That is when I began to rule my migraine by taking charge of my own care. Success didn’t happen overnight. It actually took several years to finally make progress. Now I manage my migraine disease. It does not control me.”