Migraine Product Review: MigraCap

My first introduction to wearable ice packs was MigraCap. Dreaming of a MigraCap for years, I finally made owning one a priority. When I place my initial order, I discovered that the purple one I really wanted was only available through the UK supplier. It never occurred to me that there would be a problem.

That was a big mistake.

It took almost 3 months to finally get my order. During the wait, I never once received an email stating that my order had been received, was on back-order, or ever notified when it finally shipped. I sent several emails and never got a response, Ultimately, I had to make several international cell phone calls in order to get answers. Due to the 6 hour time difference, reaching them during business hours was tricky. I left several voicemail messages that went unanswered.

It finally arrived!

Out of the blue, without any communication from MigrCap, my order finally arrives. Despite the long wait and lack of communication, I was still excited to finally have it. I read the instructions carefully and eagerly anticipated the next opportunity to try it out. Much to my bitter disappointment, the gel pack that rests over the forehead sprung a leak less than 2 weeks later. I emailed and called several times, never able to reach anyone for help. I even tried disputing the charges with PayPal, but the actual payment was more than 30 days prior to the problem, so I got nowhere. Eventually, I gave up trying to get satisfaction from them and purchased a replacement MigraCap from the US supplier, MigraCap Americas.

Trying again.

My experience with them was much better. I received email messages confirming payment and notifying me when the order was shipped. It arrived in just a few days and has been a indispensable part of my toolkit ever since. Best of all, they now have PURPLE ones in stock. 🙂 If you’re interested in owning a MigraCap in either Black or Purple, I highly recommend ordering from MigraCap Americas.


Because it it made of soft, stretchy lycra, MigraCap is very comfortable to wear while sleeping. It effectively blocks out light and offers a sensory deprivation experience so helpful when light and sound start to bother me. MigraCap also helped when I would get overheated, quickly cooling me down to avoid triggering an attack. It is easily worn during everyday activities. Users can pull long hair out of the way through an opening in the top of the cap, allowing the cooling gel to bring relief to the scalp, temples, and forehead. It is moderately priced at $39.99.


Like many of you, I don’t always need cooling relief over my entire head. Because MigraCap’s gel packs are sewn into the cap, it is not possible to remove or replace them. This is a significant drawback to MigraCap. When the gel pack in my first MigraCap broke, it ruined the entire product. It would be much better if the gel packs were removable for 3 reasons:

  1. Additional gel packs could be purchased to replace any that break.
  2. Additional gel packs could be purchased to replace any that are no longer cold.
  3. Gel packs that are not needed could be removed.

Sometimes I need tight compression around my head to ease the pain from a Cluster Headache attack. MigraCap has a snug, comfortable fit, but cannot be tightened. While it does a great job for easing the pain of Migraine and preventing overheating, it is not ideal when compression is needed.

No ice pack is perfect because each of us have unique needs.  What I consider disadvantages, just might be a plus for you.

migracapWant to try one for your very own?

Visit MigraCap Americas to view product details and order one for your toolkit.

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