Migraine-friendly shopping made easier

The long list of potential triggers makes most migraineurs throw up their arms and groan in exasperation. We’re told, “Don’t eat this, don’t eat that.” It gets old. Trying to remember all the things we shouldn’t eat is exhausting, especially since most of the ingredients have multiple names, some of which are long and complex. Today I discovered a potentially user-friendly way to check foods right on the shelf. I love the idea of being able to make an informed decision before the item even hits my shopping cart. At least that’s the way it’s supposed to work.

phoneMigraineChecked is a new iPhone and Android-compatible app that migraineurs can use to check for potential triggers while we shop. Even better, it’s FREE. So I downloaded the app and started scanning items from my cupboards. To my surprise, very few items were actually recognized by the app. It did give me the opportunity to add products to the database though.

MigraineChecked also boasts a “comprehensive menu and recipe database”. There are 5 food categories: breakfast foods, cakes, cookies, dinner, and snacks. I found 5 Breakfast recipes, 1 recipe each in the Cakes and Cookies categories, 5 Dinner recipes, and 1 Snack recipe. That’s what I would call a “nice start”; certainly not “comprehensive”.

I guess the idea is that as migraineurs use the app, we will all add products and recipes. That would have been nice to know up front. As a free app, it’s not bad. I like the concept and will probably try to use it the next time I shop just to see how it does. I certainly wouldn’t pay for it.  In reality, MigraineChecked is in beta testing and migraineurs are the guinea pigs.

I’d love to see what the creators can do with it. Hopefully it will grow and become a handy tool that we can all use to help us make better informed food choices. I’ll be watching it closely and give you updates as needed.

As is, I give the app 2 stars out of 5.  Nice start, but needs to add a lot more content to meet its claim of a “comprehensive database”.

I invite the creators to contact me to share their vision for the app. I promise to give you a fair shake, but I won’t be your promoter if you don’t earn it.

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