Migraine Product Review: Migraine Hat

The next wearable ice pack I decided to try was Migraine Hat. It took some time getting used to the fit. Once adjusted for size, it fits loosely on the head like a hat, as its name implies. I quickly discovered that Migraine Hat was really great at preventing migraine attacks triggered by overheating. At the time, I was also taking a medication with side effects that caused me to get overheated quickly and easily. By using Migraine Hat, I could reverse this process and be much more comfortable.


It is easily worn during everyday activities, so there is no need to raise your arms to hold it in place. Like other wearable ice packs, Migraine Hat allows the wearer to pull hair through an opening in the top of the hat, up off the neck and out of the way. This allows the cooling relief to be felt stronger all around the head. If you need long-lasting relief, the 2 extra gel packs give you the option for all day cold. The hat does cover most of the head and can be pulled over the eyes and ears.

My favorite feature is the insulated cooler. Because the cooler walls have built-in gel packs, it can also be stored in the freezer.  Imagine having portable ice packs that don’t melt, drip, or warm up for hours. Now this is possible with Migraine Hat! I can leave the house all day and take my ice packs with me to use whenever they are needed.

Best of all, it is affordably priced at only $29.99.


Migraine Hat accommodates a single ice pack that is sectioned into 1-inch squares. I prefer to have multiple gel packs that can be individually removed. Plus, I found that the small gel sections would freeze hard, making the hat uncomfortable while sleeping. It is also loose-fitting. That works fine for preventing me from getting overheated or for mild pain, but it isn’t ideal when I need tight compression over my eye during a Cluster Headache attack.

Although my favorite feature is the insulated cooler, it does have one drawback. When filled with all three gel packs, the Velcro closure does not hold. It is simply not strong enough to secure the weight. Fortunately, the cooler also has a zippered closure and shoulder strap so it can still be carried when full.

No ice pack is perfect because each of us have unique needs.  What I consider disadvantages, just might be a plus for you.

migraine-hat-pic-with-julia-fullWant to try one for your very own?

Visit Migraine Hat to order your own. Enter promo code “dailymigraine” for free shipping.

2016 profits generated from sales of Migraine Hat are donated to Migraine research and awareness.

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