Migraine is not invisible

My husband and I went to the hardware store today. He dropped me off at the door so I entered first and waited for him. While I was waiting, a staff member approached to offer me the use of their electric carts. He noticed my cane and assumed correctly that I had trouble walking. I’m not opposed to using theses carts when needed, but today was a good day. So I thanked him for the offer and politely declined. We had a brief conversation about disability while waiting for my husband to arrive.

I really appreciated that someone noticed and offered help. That’s so rare. Strangely enough, the problems for which I need the use of a cane weren’t even part of my disability determination. They developed a few years later. I receive disability benefits because of Migraine and Cluster Headaches.

No one has ever approached me with offers to make my shopping easier due to Migraine. Yet there was a time I could not enter many stores because of the harsh lighting and noise. I’ve since learned to create my own accommodations for that problem by wearing silicone ear plugs and specially tinted Theraspecs glasses. The employee who noticed my cane never commented on either of those.

A lot of people call Migraine an “invisible illness.” I disagree. It is most certainly not invisible. The problem is that there is not enough awareness about the condition. If more people understood what it is to live with Migraine, then many would recognize the signs. It is not “just a headache”, and inconvenience, or nuisance. It is a serious neurological disorder with no known cause and no cure. There are symptoms all the time, not just during an acute attack.

So here are just a few examples of the symptoms we experience.

And rather than getting offers of support and accommodation, most of us experience this:

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