More than just words to me

day_25Make a cloud full of words that come to mind when you think
of your blog, health, condition, interests or community.

This whole affair got started 40 years ago with a single word: MIGRAINE. While my family instantly recognized the symptoms, it would be decades before I finally understood what it meant and what to do about it.

The next words to enter my life were CLUSTER HEADACHE. They appeared after multiple head injuries and exposure to some nasty environmental poisons. I really thought they were going to kill me.

Then, just as I was finally getting everything I’d ever wanted, a final word appeared: FIBROMYALGIA. It aged me well beyond my years.

The physical, emotional, and financial price I have paid in an effort to rid myself of these words has almost been too great. Sometimes even I wonder how I keep going with such a good attitude.

If I didn’t believe there is a greater purpose to all of these words, then I would have lost hope a long time ago. That belief has become a self-fulfilling prophecy. I believe it has a greater purpose, so I am making something beautiful and powerful from these words.

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