Music is my drug-free high


What revs up your internal engine?
When you see, hear, feel this it gets you excited
and ready to face what comes next. Tell us what it is!

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at
Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at


Hands down, music will get me going when nothing else works.

If I’m really lacking in energy and need a pick-me-up, music usually does it. If asked, I would say that Country music is my favorite, but that’s a recent change.  My tastes are so ecclectic; they’re difficult to define.

My parents exposed me to endless hours of Country music over the car radio and Gospel music every Sunday and Wednesday at church. In elementary school, I was introduced to Classical and Folk music thanks to hours of piano practice.  Countless hours were wasted trying to perfect breathing and playing the flute while avoiding an embarrassing collision with other band members. That’s when I decided that vocal music was a safer option. All I had to do was stand still and sing. If there was a choir, I was in it. Try as I might to hit the highest of the high notes, I was always a second soprano. I can hit the high notes, but I can’t break glass with just my voice.

Not bad for the kid whose parents couldn’t hold a tune in a bucket.

By the late 70s, roller skating rinks expanded my horizons to Rock ‘n Roll.  As teen, I was witness to the rise of music videos and Contemporary Christian music. Michael Jackson’s Thriller and Cydni Lauper’s Time after Time will be stuck in my visual memory forever.  Thankfully my kids were too young to ever catch me singing along with Justin Timberlake during the boy band era. They’re Millenials who’ve exposed this old GenX’er to even broader horizons. Don’t tell them, but I’ve come to appreciate Pop, Hip Hop, Techno, and even a little Heavy Metal.

Gosh, did I just use “old” and “GenX” in the same sentence? 

Wasn’t it 1988 just yesterday?

Please don’t tell my kids I stole songs from their playlists.

I can appreciate talent, whatever its form. Music has the power to lift a depressed mood, energize the exhausted, and allow us to express feelings otherwise kept hidden. Music is an outlet of self-expression.

Yes, I do sing in the shower and dance when no one else is looking.

Here’s a sampling from my personal playlist.

*All links open to YouTube in a new window.

Plus, some Classical Favorites:

  • Pachabel’s Canon in D
  • Claire de lune
  • Vivaldi’s Four Seasons
  • Beethoven’s Ode to Joy
  • Mozart’s Requiem

Oh yeah, anything by The Piano Guys!

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