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When I think about hope in terms of migraine and cluster headache, I realized that the one thing keeping hope alive is the knowledge that there are options. As long as I don’t run out of options, I have hope. The times when I lost hope were times when I did not think I had any more options.

So many options!

I just returned from the AHMA Patient Conference. One of the things that stuck with me was the session led by Dr. Andrew Charles. It was unbelievable how many different options he used to treat chronic migraine.  If Botox stops working before one of the CGRP-blocking medicines gets FDA approval, I can rest easy knowing there are still options to try.

Even though it feels like I have tried a lot of preventives, the facts don’t support that feeling. There are so many options left to try! With the expertise of two headache specialists at my immediate disposal, plus access to several leading experts, I know that there will always be something else to try.

Getting my life back.

Right now I will rest easy, relieved by the positive results of Botox to control both migraine and cluster headache. I went from an average of 15+ attacks each month to 3. As an added bonus, 2 of those are aborted in less than 2 hours with minimal impact on my day. I now have 14 more days each month that are freed from the burden of a migraine attack. That feels like a miracle.

It gets even better.

The idea that a monthly injection might eliminate migraine and cluster headaches is unbelievable. Yet I hold on to the hope that I will be one of those responders. So come on Eli Lillly, Teva, Alder, and Amgen. Put your running shoes on and race to be the first to market. 38 million migrainers are anxiously waiting at the finish line. We must be the craziest people in the world to actually line up begging for a monthly shot that could cost thousands. Actually, we’re just desperate for a treatment that’s made just for us, something that will really work without turning us into mindless, overweight zombies.

As crazy as it sounds, I put my hope in the skill of chemists to block the CGRP neurotransmitter in my brain. The first one to do that will have my eternal gratitude.

The Migraine and Headache Awareness Month Blog Challenge
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