Pain-free pass

What’s a day that you wish you could use a pain-free pass? How would being pain or worry-free impact that day?

I could really use a pain-free pass today. Actually, I could use one for the next 3 days. Does anyone have a spare pass they could share?

I am in Siloam Springs, Arkansas for their annual Dogwood Festival. My husband and I have a vendor booth filled with fun toys for kids. It’s something we do to raise a little extra cash, break up the daily grind, and get away together a few times a year. This weekend is the start of our 2013 show season.

It never fails. I spend a great deal of the time in pain. Whether it’s a migraine, cluster attack, or back pain my pain levels hover between a 6 and 8 for most of the weekend with spikes of 9 or 10.

We’re trying some new strategies this year. I have a new medication regimen and some home remedies to get ahead of the pain and make me more comfortable. Let’s hope this weekend goes of without too much pain.

Fingers crossed.

Knock on wood.

Say a prayer.

Keep the meds close by!


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