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r4r_logoThis morning I had the privilege of an on-air radio interview to promote Runnin’ 4 Research (R4R). Yesterday, I wrote a press release. Last week I dropped off fliers at my fitness center. A few weeks ago, I took fliers, posters, and donation letters around to local athletic shops, universities, and medical offices. Last month, an article I wrote promoting the races was published at Nearly every day for the past several weeks I have liked, shared, tweeted, and retweeted about R4R.

Two years ago, I met R4R’s founder, Dr. Dave Watson and volunteered to help promote R4R races to raise money for migraine and headache research. At first, my support came in the form of articles, status updates, and tweets encouraging people to donate and participate in the events. When I learned that R4R was coming to my hometown, I jumped at the chance to volunteer. Bringing awareness and fundraising to my friends and neighbors has been incredibly satisfying. I even took the opportunity to encourage my own health care providers to step up and help out.

In just 3 days, runners, walkers, and volunteers will converge on English Landing Park in Parkville, MO to support migraine and headache research. I’ll be at my post to hand out awesome race swag. Participants will receive a comfortable grey t-shirt, water bottle and bag — all with the Runnin’ 4 Research logo. When the race starts, you can find me at the starting line, decked out in walking shoes and ready for that 1 mile walk.

I am dedicating my walk to my 2 year old granddaughter who just last week experienced her first confirmed migraine attack. Part of the money raised by this event will be used to support local research on pediatric migraine. When I think about her inheriting migraine, I get choked up. I’ve almost cried twice just writing this post. I walk so she never has to miss weeks of school, her best friend’s birthday sleepover, lose a job, or miss her child’s ball game or concert. I walk so she never has to face the awful choice to apply for disability benefits. I walk so she will be the last person in my family line to ever have migraine. I walk so she will have a cure.

It’s not too late to join me. Online registration is still open for two more days. You don’t even have to show up in order to help out. All three Runnin’ 4 Reserach events offer a “virtual runner” option for those who cannot participate in person. Whether distance or disability prevent you from running or walking, please consider helping out anyway. Your $20, combined with mine, and that of many others will grow to support scientific research to discover the origins of migraine, understand its impact, develop new treatments, and one day, maybe even a CURE for MIGRAINE.

Last year, Runnin’ for Research donated over $17,000 to headache and migraine research. Millions men, women, and children just like my granddaughter are counting on you to make a difference. Please help us break that record this year.

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One thought on “Run for Migraine Research

  • October 5, 2016 at 9:28 pm

    What a great cause, I myself suffer from migraines so I know how much a cure would mean. I wish I was close enough to participate. I wish the best of luck.

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