Searching for the Perfect Ice Pack

If you have Migraine, Cluster Headache, or any other headache disorder, you know the value of a good ice pack. They are the universal comfort measure for us all. Like most of you, finding the perfect ice pack has been a lifelong pursuit.

In the early years, the best available option was a cold, wet wash cloth pasted to my forehead. Obviously, there were problems with this solution. It wasn’t nearly cold enough and warmed up way too quickly. As long as I was laying perfectly still and flat on my back, it stayed in place. If I rolled over or tried to sit up, the cloth would fall off my head.  That simple cloth was never big enough to cover all the painful areas on my head, either. I’ve been on the hunt for something better ever since. I bet you have, too.

My ideal ice pack would…

  • stay in place during everyday activities
  • get cold enough without freezing solid
  • stay cold for more than 5 minutes
  • be refillable or replaceable if broken or warmed up before the attack was over
  • cover the ENTIRE head
  • include the option to tighten the pressure around my head

Trial and Error

In an effort to meet these requirements, I’ve been cobbling together assorted ice packs wrapped in scarves for a few years now. I even tried my hand at sewing my own wearable ice packs! I have spend hundreds of dollars over the years without success. This year I vowed to end the search once and for all by investing in a good quality, wearable ice “hat”. With several options now available, I decide to try 3 commercially-available, wearable ice packs. None of them are perfect and each one has its pros and cons.

While I definitely know which one works best for me most of the time, I’ve found them all useful in different situations. Each of these ingenious products have given me the freedom to move about, hands-free, even while waiting for acute treatments to take effect. Best of all, there are no more sore arms, shoulders, or back anymore. All three have actually shortened my recovery time because I don’t have to cope with all the muscle tension brought on by trying to hold an ice pack in place.

Coming up next

No one solution is ever perfect for everyone. That’s why I’ve decided to offer a comprehensive review of each product to let you decide which one is right for you.  The next few posts will detail my experiences with MigraCap, Migraine Hat, and Ice Kap. See for yourself how using a wearable ice pack can improve your migraine management.

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