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Three years ago Teri Robert announced the selection of an official awareness color just before the start of the first Migraine and Headache Awareness Month. I was drawn to the image she included in the announcement. This first ribbon is still my favorite.

It’s a symbol of hope and unity.

Do you remember how difficult it used to be to find information about Migraine? We complain now about the sheer volume of bad information. Not long ago, finding a single migraine link was a miracle. Back in 2007 I had to hunt for hours before I finally stumbled upon Help for Headaches and Migraine. A lot of hard work went into raising awareness so we could have so many options. We all benefit from the combined wisdom of non-profits, for-profits, and devoted volunteer advocates.

Seeing this purple ribbon gives me a lot of of hope for the future of migraine and headache advocacy. It couldn’t have been easy. Convincing all the major players to work together must have seemed insurmountable. It’s such a small thing and yet a huge milestone.

In a world where there’s a color and ribbon for almost anything, this might seem insignificant. Yet it’s one of the most important first steps. Without it, unifying the many disparate groups would be even more difficult. Everyone’s got their own take on how best to raise awareness.

This little purple ribbon unifies us.

Whether it’s migraine, cluster headache, hemiplegic migraine, hemicrania continua, new daily persistent headache, post-traumatic headache, or whatever your diagnosis may be — we can all unite around it. Sure, we add a little lime green, red, orange or other color to show support for our particular headache disorder. Yet the purple comes through every time.

We can only make progress if we’re all going in the same direction.

Let’s wrap ourselves in purple, link arms, and work together to stamp out stigma, raise awareness, and push for a cure.

The Migraine and Headache Awareness Month Blog Challenge
is organized by the American Headache and Migraine Association.

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