One mindfully in the moment

Most people spend their days on “automatic pilot” not really paying attention. We often engage in one activity while our mind is focused on something else. We think we can accomplish more by doing several things at once. This is simply not true. When we bring our whole being into focus on one thing at at time, we are more productive. Sometimes we must quickly switch from one activity to another. The key is to give your full attention to each activity only when you are doing it.

Non-judgmental stance and migraine

Like a lot of the skills already covered, this one appears simple. Putting it into practice can be a little more complicated. We all like to think that we are non-judgmental. Yet we place value judgments on ourselves, others, and events all the time.

Mindful participation is authentic

Participation is the last of the “what” Mindfulness skills. It is the natural extension of Observe and Describe. Anyone can sit on the sidelines observing an experience and describing it. Immersing oneself in the experience invites us to be authentic participants in our own lives.

Using DBT skills to manage migraine

This series will offer ways to incorporate Dialectical Behavior skills into everyday life, especially as it relates to Migraine and other Headache Disorders. One of the unique aspects of DBT is its emphasis on dialectics. Dialectics is the incorporation of opposites. In the case of DBT, clients are taught to embrace both Acceptance of the current circumstances and readiness to Change. While simple in concept, the process is much more difficult.