The endorsement that almost wasn’t


What’s your favorite health-related product?
Share it with your community and tell them why you
love it so much and how it has helped you on your patient journey.

This product recommendation really makes me skittish.

I generally avoid direct sales/network marketing/MLM and never thought I would be recommending a product that is sold in this way. I’ve tried selling in this way before and don’t care for it. It’s just not my style.

I didn’t purchase this product at any party or class, nor did I sign up to be a sales representative. I purchased it on just to try it out. I have several friends who are all sales consultants for this particular company. I love them all and didn’t want to hurt their feelings should I not like the product.

deep_blueI purchased a bottle of doTerra’s Deep Blue.

I ordered it along with some other essential oils and a set of glass roll-on bottles. My original plan was to use the roller ball bottles as a different applicator method while experimenting with my own essential oil blend. On a whim, I mixed the Deep Blue with an Apricot oil carrier and poured some into one of the roll-on bottles. Then I let it sit and forgot all about it.

Again, on a whim, one day it occurred to me to try some on my lower back during a fibro flare.  I went to sleep and forgot about it. To my surprise, I woke without any back pain or stiffness. Obviously it didn’t last indefinitely, but for a short time, it did help me get some much needed pain-free sleep.

It wasn’t long before I started testing it out on Migraine and Cluster Headache attacks while continuing to use it for the everyday aches and pains that come with Fibromyalgia. It took some experimenting before I was able to get consistent results.

If I catch it early enough…
I can stop an attack just the using of my makeshift Deep Blue roll-on.

It doesn’t happen every time.
It’s not a miracle.
It’s not a cure.
Yet Deep Blue has definitely earned its place in my toolkit.

NOTE: If you are part of the company I mention, please don’t contact me offering your services.

Here’s my answer:

No, thank you. I have a class already scheduled with a friend in the business. Don’t try to poach her customer. I already have a half-dozen personal friends I must disappoint. 

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