Theraspecs solve eye strain trigger

theraspecsMy 40th birthday left me with an annoying gift – declining vision. The kids delighted in calling me “old lady” and issuing dire warnings of my impending blindness. It really wasn’t that bad, but you know how teenagers can be. My vision has permanently changed though. Where I once barely needed a light prescription to correct near-sightedness and astigmatism, I now need bifocals to help with age-related far-sightedness.  At first just holding a book or paper several inches away worked. Within a few years my vision worsened to the point that everything within two feet was a complete blur.  It started to affect migraine management when I could no longer read a prescription bottle or food label.

Making do

Like a lot of things in life that aren’t Migraine or Cluster Headache, my vision got pushed to the bottom of a very long list of priorities. When it was finally bad enough that I couldn’t read, I eked out about ten dollars for a cheap pair of reading glasses at the pharmacy. I consoled myself with the knowledge that at least they were purple with sparkling bling. I drug my feet on the issue for five years, managing to only go through four pair of reading glasses.

  • #1 died when the screw fell out and I lost the right temple
  • #2 lasted the longest, finally dying out when the frame cracked and the left lens fell out
  • #3 and #4 are still hanging on only because I stored them when my Theraspecs arrived

Finally relenting

Stubbornly I held out, not wanting to spend $600 on a new pair of bifocals when what I really wanted was a pair of prescription Theraspecs. In January I finally took the opportunity to make my vision a top priority, thanks in part to a sweet little Migraine angel who gave me the push I needed.  The Theraspecs I’d been drooling over became a reality.

The ordering process

My order was a little complex, given that I needed bifocal lenses. Carey, the customer service rep, made the process very simple. After a few email exchanges, Carey mailed me a trial pair of indoor-tinted Profile Theraspecs to take with me to the eye exam. Getting accurate measurements is critical with no-line bifocals. Having a sample pair allowed the optometrist to take those measurements. When the exam was complete, I emailed the prescription and bifocal measurements back to her and placed my order. She allowed me to keep the trial pair until my prescription glasses arrived.

Kicking the “tires”

Because I do not need a strong distance prescription, I am able to see clearly most of the time. I have the most difficulty seeing close up. While waiting for my new bifocals, I tested the sample Theraspecs while driving, watching TV, going to the movies, shopping, and everyday use. Even though I chose the indoor tint, I was surprised how much relief I got even outside on a sunny day.  Even without the vision correction, my eyes were much more relaxed.


About 10 days after placing my order, my prescription Theraspecs arrived in the mail. I was so excited to start wearing them! I repackaged the loaner nonprescription pair, attached the prepaid label and sent it back to Customer Service. Wearing no line bifocals for the first time takes an adjustment period. Essentially they are two prescriptions in one. The top half of the lens is for distance vision. I look through this half most of the time.  The bottom half is for seeing close up. I use the lower half for reading, using my computer, and anything else that requires me to see clearly within 24 inches.  There are a few situations that get tricky though. I had to retrain my eyes to look through the top half of my glasses even when I am looking down, such as walking down stairs and checking the side mirrors while driving.

Driving with Theraspecs

My eyes are relaxed and open. No more squinting! I do still use the sun visor on occasion. For the most part I am able to drive or ride comfortably.  A few days after the glasses arrived, I had the opportunity to drive for more than an hour at night.  Unlike with typical sunglasses, I was able to see clearly. This is where I have found Theraspecs to be most beneficial. They really cut down on the glare and ease the discomfort of bright lights.  Even flashing emergency lights are tolerable.

Moviegoing with Theraspecs

New technology is allowing film recording at high speeds. This makes for more realistic viewing, but it is also a migraine trigger. Although I still avoid IMAX and 3D movies, my new Theraspecs do make movie viewing a lot more comfortable.  My family and I are huge film nerds, so movie watching is not something I am willing to give up. Theraspecs have improved my quality of life by allowing me to once again enjoy a favorite pastime.

Shopping with Theraspecs

Before Theraspecs, I would wear dark sunglasses in stores because of the harsh florescent lighting. When I needed to read a label, I would remove the sunglasses and put on my reading glasses just long enough to see the label. Now I have protection from the harsh lighting and can easily transition to reading labels. The stress of carrying (and often wearing) two pair of glasses is gone. Because I wear mine all the time, I never have to worry about getting caught in harsh lighting without protection.

Computing with Theraspecs

As a writer, I spend a lot of time looking at my laptop. I am also the family bookkeeper, so spreadsheets with lots of data are an ever-present reality, especially during tax season. Before Theraspecs, the brightness was always set very low. When I started using Theraspecs my brightness setting was too dark. Now the brightness is set much higher without causing me any discomfort.


Wherever I am, my eyes are relaxed and wide open, eliminating a 40 year-old unresolved trigger.  Many thanks to Kerrie, Carey, and the whole Theraspecs team!

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