Merry Migraine Christmas

UCLA announced this week that Wendy and Leonard Goldberg donated $10 MILLION for migraine research. After witnessing the devastation migraine had on the lives of their friends and loved ones, the Goldbergs made the choice to be part of the solution. It is the largest donation for migraine research ever recorded and its impact cannot be understated. This single, generous donation is equivalent to roughly half the NIH yearly budget for migraine research.

It will be a game-changer.

Goldbergs donate $10M for migraine researchDr. Andrew Charles (who will be leading the UCLA Goldberg Migraine Program) had this to say, “Migraine is generally under-recognized as a major medical problem, in part because it is not fatal. But it is not hyperbole to say that it can ruin lives.”

If you or someone you love has migraine, you know how true Dr. Charles’ statement is. You live it every day. Now there is new reason to hope. Some day our children and grandchildren may be able to reach their full potential, unhindered by migraine and its stigma. When that day comes, they will have Wendy and Leonard Goldberg to thank.

I’m holding back tears of joy just thinking about the possibilities. Trying to imagine a world where migraine is taken seriously and treated effectively is overwhelming. My children and grandchild deserve to live in that world. Yours do, too.

Thanks to the generosity of the Goldbergs,
it’s going to be a Very Merry Migraine Christmas, indeed.

$10 million gift to UCLA from Wendy and Leonard Goldberg is largest ever to support migraine research
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$10 Million Donation for Migraine Research!

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