Waking up to migraine

Waking up to migraine
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Waking up to migraine is, unfortunately, something I do a lot. At 5:30 this morning I woke to a throbbing pain that wrapped around my head like a vice grip. I rolled over to grab a Zomig out of the nightstand drawer and wash it down with the water I always keep on my nightstand. I quickly found the neck wrap to heat in the microwave and an ice wrap from the mini-fridge. All of these items are kept close at hand in case of a middle-of-the-night Migraine attack. I couldn’t decide if heat or cold would feel better, so I grabbed both and alternated in various positions until I finally settled on heat on my neck and cold on my belly (to ease the nausea) as I drifted off to sleep, waiting out the pain.

An hour later the pain was still gripping me. I then took the 2 Excedrin that I sometimes need to end a stubborn attack. By 7:30 I knew I had to try to get up for work. I had a 9:00 a.m. appointment. People were counting on me. I couldn’t be late. I forced myself into the shower, hoping the vibration and heat from the water hitting my head would finally stop the pain.

I was still in mild pain as I prepared for work. As I walked out the door I grabbed a Pepsi and a protein bar, hoping to get my blood sugar up enough to be functional at work. The cold air was refreshing for once and helped to ease the attack even more. By the time I got to work I was pain-free and functional enough to be of help to my clients and have a constructive day.

This morning could have gone either way. I could have just as easily not responded to medicine and still been in bed. I dodged the bullet this time. I will count this as a good day in spite waking up to migraine.

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