Reduce Migraine Risk in Hurricane Season

Severe storms like hurricanes are one of the top Migraine triggers. We may feel helpless in the face of such storms, but there are ways to reduce our risk. We just need to take a few precautions.

Reduce your trigger load

Migraine triggers are stackable. One trigger by itself may not be enough to set off an attack, but start piling them up and the sum total will surely result in Migraine disaster. Rarely will one lone trigger be a problem. Each of us has an upper limit at which our sensitive Migraine brain says, “Enough!” To be sure, our threshold is much lower than someone without Migraine. That is why we must pay attention to triggers in the first place. Just because we have an increased sensitivity to stimuli doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to lower our risk. By reducing or eliminating known avoidable triggers, we can lower our “trigger balance” and sometimes avoid an attack.

  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Don’t oversleep
  • Don’t skip preventives
  • Eat regular, nutritious meals
  • Stay hydrated
  • Get some gentle exercise
  • Minimize exposure to the outdoors
  • Practice good stress management

Prepare for the worst.

Even when we can’t avoid the attack, there are still steps to be better prepared. Not having access to medications and comfort measures can quickly turn an inconvenient Migraine attack into a disaster. In the event of a severe storm, we need to consider our Migraine management needs in the event of a power outage, lack of emergency services, or evacuation.

  • Create a Migraine toolkit and keep it well-stocked. Do NOT evacuate without it.
  • Take stock of your medication supply. Get refills in advance. Don’t get caught without treatment during the storm.
  • Make a list of all medications, including dosages and prescribing physician.
  • Stock plenty of ice to use in coolers should power go out to fill ice packs and keep certain medications cold.
  • Treat attacks early so they don’t spin out of control.

Rather than resigning ourselves to migraine misery, let’s view each new storm as an opportunity to practice our trigger avoidance strategies. Every storm offers us a chance to perfect our skills. By taking on this challenge, we feel empowered to take charge of our Migraine disease rather than become its victim.

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