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Today’s prompt: How do you find hope on a dark day? Please write about any ways you have to find hope on a dark day.

Image courtesy of Chee Kong Teo at FreeImages.com. Modified with permission.
Image courtesy of FreeImages.com. Modified with permission.

When it feels like all is lost, like the light is gone forever, I write. Writing gives me a sense of hope and purpose.

Although I have no quotas and can’t get fired for not writing, there are still people who count on me to produce something of quality. The “likes”, “shares”, and “comments” add up. Each one is like a little candle that’s been lit in the darkness. Before long, the entire room is filled with light. Brain Storm and my features on Migraine.com really matter to people.

If I were to quit tomorrow, readers would notice. They would wonder what happened. Those readers are my silent, invisible family. You don’t quit on family. So I keep on writing.

Generating ideas is a breeze.

My husband says that he doesn’t know how I come up with ideas for so many articles. Frankly, generating ideas has never been a problem. I have 45 years worth of material on life with migraine alone. Thanks to a graduate education, researching clinical trials is simple and fast. If I really get stumped or bored, there’s a file cabinet full of ideas on mood disorders, anxiety disorders, trauma, marriage & family, child development, and multicultural issues.

Sometimes writing is an angry rant.

Stream of consciousness writing is an effective stress management tool. Sleep writing happens, too.  Sitting up in bed with my hands on the laptop keyboard, sometimes I doze off. Interesting things can happen. Most often the screen is filled with nonsense like “hhjkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkj;aassssaaaaaaaaaaaaaakd” in the middle of an article draft.  It’s happened twice just while writing this post. That “may cause drowsiness” warning label on some medicine bottles really means it!

That’s went it’s time to turn up the music and get down to business.

Every page view, like, share, and comment are like surprise presents on Christmas morning. If no one ever read a single word, I would still be compelled to write. Knowing that what I write reaches those who need it makes those little flames of hope shine brighter.

The Migraine and Headache Awareness Month Blog Challenge
is organized by the American Headache and Migraine Association.

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